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ZAC Valves & Fittings wants to be the firm in the market where people know exactly who we are, what we do and most importantly, what we can do. We move along with the world, the industries and the people. A high priority for us is that we book continuous success driven by our values and keep the focus on technical innovations and brand development, while we remain committed and dedicated to our customers to provide products with the best quality and excellent services all around the globe.


We provide the needs of industries by manufacturing and supplying all types of Industrial Valves, Pneumatics, Fittings, etc. We offer all our products of best quality and deliver only reliable products to our customers. We exceed client expectations and provide total care for our valuable customers. We work with dedication and excellence to meet the demands of our clients and the market.


  • Customers are King - We are only successful if our clients are successful; and that drives everything we do.

  • Elevate Others - We empower our employees in a work environment that is conducive to create the optimal work-life balance.

  • Flexibility - We live by our entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks and learning from them. We are always moving forward.

  • Innovation - We innovate and push our boundless creativity through curiosity.

  • Involvement - We communicate directly, share feedback at all levels and engage in discussions while maintaining our objectivity.

  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

  • Make It Fun - We work hard, but we like to have Good Times too.

Vision, Mission & Values: List
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